Clearpass provides the following services to help overcome your asset management challenges.

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Clearpass will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your company’s current asset management processes and goals/objectives. The results of this evaluation will allow you to determine how effective your current processes are in meeting your company’s goals and objectives. We will also provide recommendations for current process enhancement as well as potential new system and process development. You can learn more by reading our Assessment Brochure.

Software Selection

Considering the multitude of software options available, finding the solution that best suits your objectives can be a challenge. Being software-independent, Clearpass is in the best possible position to provide unbiased advance in helping you make this selection. We will short-list software options to a manageable number, organize demonstration sessions, develop demo scripts and assist in your evaluation and selection of participating solutions. We can also assist in negotiating your purchase of the required software.


Clearpass will perform all the services required to integrate the chosen solution into your company’s operations. We provide: project management, data collection and scrubbing, solution configuration, user training and documentation. We also suggest the appropriate key performance indicators, plus external benchmarks if desired, so you can audit and confirm the success of your asset management solution.


Clearpass provides a variety of functional and technical training programs to your management, technical and operating personnel. These programs are geared towards helping the relevant personnel become expert in the required area, to ensure that everyone is contributing to your company’s asset management success. As well, Clearpass, working with affiliated colleges, provides courses accredited to PEMAC's Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) designation.


Clearpass will work with your company’s enterprise asset management stakeholders to identify opportunities in asset tracking, work tracking, and supply chain and inventory management that can positively affect your bottom line. We will design and implement business processes and technical solutions related to those opportunities.