Clearpass is a Calgary, Alberta-based, group of professionals that provides asset management expertise to the energy industry. Each professional on our team has 25+ years of asset management experience, with a focus on the delivery of solutions and processes. Our expertise spans problem assessment, solution selection, project management and process improvement.

Delivering realistic and cost-effective solutions that improve each client’s ability to manage their facilities and their entire enterprise is an important part of our distinct vision for asset management. Our services are aimed at achieving:

  • Improved oversight of a company’s myriad physical assets;
  • More efficient management of operations and maintenance;
  • Better financial control;
  • Precise asset-based (rather than function-based) valuation and life-cycle costing;
  • Improved regulatory compliance; and
  • Better internal transparency for senior management oversight.

We pride ourselves on being a software-independent company – meaning that we are not tied to any particular supplier of software packages or applications. This unbiased position allows us to provide you with truly objective assessments, fair and auditable selection of solutions, and on-time/on-budget implementation covering all your asset management requirements. That means you can be sure that any information technology component of our solution for you, is truly the best fit for your unique needs.